As the global trend of individuals relocating to different countries continues to rise, the same holds true for Sri Lankans, especially driven by economic and political uncertainties in recent years. Having to leave behind loved ones, assets, and ongoing responsibilities, etc., lead to a demand for support in various areas, including:

  • Family connection and care
  • Property maintenance
  • Holiday arrangements
  • Legal support
  • Tasks at government departments
  • Social work

Navigating these needs remotely can be exceedingly challenging given the country's limited facilities, infrastructure, and technology.

The importance of a reliable service provider in Sri Lanka to address these challenges has never been greater. At KithtoKinLanka, our mission is to provide that service to you with family-like comfort and a friend-like loyalty.


Enabling individuals to reside where they desire, peacefully.


Assisting individuals of Sri Lankan origin living abroad to assure that their responsibilities in Sri Lanka are attended successfully

About Us

KithtoKinLanka (PVT) LTD is a registered private limited company in Sri Lanka under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007. Our services are exclusively designed to cater to the needs of Sri Lankans residing abroad, focusing solely on operations within Sri Lanka.

Our Team

KithtoKinLanka Team strives to create an inclusive and diverse work environment. Our team comprises individuals with required knowledge, expertise, and proven track record of professionalism and trustworthiness. We aim to grow our business prioritizing on under-represented groups in the Sri Lankan workforce, such as youth, women and individuals with disabilities.

A dedicated team of reliable Sri Lankan professionals has united under this crucial mission. We foster a collaborative team effort, promoting mutual assistance towards our shared objective rather than individual endeavours. Throughout our service delivery journey, we make every effort to communicate in the client's preferred language for optimal comfort.